Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program will help you to succeed in law school.  The goal of the program is to teach the skills necessary to study the law effectively and to present strategies that will enable you to make the most of your academic efforts and to minimize stress.  The program is available to all first-year students.

The program works by having an upper-level student serve as a Teaching Assistant for each academic course.  Each TA conducts weekly study group sessions where you are able to discuss materials you are covering in class and to learn strategies to more effectively manage your time, read and brief cases, take class notes, outline, and discuss hypotheticals.  In addition to the weekly study sessions, we have a teaching assistant assigned to work with individuals and small groups to develop study strategies for any and all classes.  This teaching assistant is available during set office hours and by appointment.  This TA will also offer large group sessions on specific skills, such as exam preparation.

Although the Academic Support Program is not required, please consider taking advantage of the opportunity that this program provides--learning from an experienced law student and receiving individual feedback and assistance.