Clinical Programs

Juvenile Justice Clinic

The Juvenile Justice Clinic provides students the opportunity to address the needs of troubled children in a number of diverse settings. Students represent juveniles in delinquency proceedings, and partner with numerous local agencies to assist our clients in meeting educational, mental health and housing needs. With guidance and instruction from a faculty supervisor, student attorneys in the Juvenile Justice Clinic meet with clients and their families, attend school meetings, file motions, appear in court, and in every respect take the lead in developing programs for their clients designed to avoid both incarceration and recidivism. Students also work with other legal aid attorneys at our collaborative ‘Street Law’ project, which involves weekly meetings with homeless teens at the Preble Street Teen Center to provide free legal advice, resource referrals and an occasional pizza.

The Juvenile Justice Clinic also provides opportunities for some students to pursue juvenile justice policy issues. For example, every semester a student works exclusively on Maine’s Juvenile Drug Treatment Court policy. This student sits on a state-wide steering committee, is part of the York County drug treatment court team and provides individual representation to juveniles enrolled in drug court. Other students may work on ongoing juvenile advocacy projects in Maine, and around the country.