Maine Law Review: Volume 50, No. 2 (1998)


Symposium: Law, Feminism & the Twenty-First Century
Grounded Applications: Feminism and Law at the Millennium
Katharine Silbaugh
What If the Butchers in The Slaughter-House Cases Had Won?: An Exercise in "Counterfactual" Doctrine
Jane L. Scarborough
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: Legitimating Discrimination Against Pregnant Women in the Workforce
Judith G. Greenberg
Shattered Jade, Broken Shoe: Foreign Economic Development and the Sexual Exploitation of Women in China
Elizabeth Spahn
Intimate Partner Violence Strategies: Models for Community Participation
Jenny Rivera
Global Intersections: Critical Race Feminist Human Rights and Inter/national Black Women
Hope Lewis
Feminist Microenterprise: Vindicating the Rights of Women in the New Global Order?
Lucie E. White
Keeping Students Awake: Feminist Theory and Legal Education
Martha Minow
Maine's "Act to Protect Traditional Marriage and Prohibit Same-Sex Marriages": Questions of Constitutionality Under State and Federal Law
Jennifer Wriggins
Then and Now: A Perspective
Caroline Glassman
Commerce Clause Challenges Spawned by United States v. Lopez Are Doing Violence to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): A Survey of Cases and the Ongoing Debate Over How the VAWA Will Fare in the Wake of Lopez
Lisanne Newell Leasure
Paying Attention to the Little Man Behind the Curtain: Destroying the Myth of the Liberal's Dilemma
Deborah M. Boulette Taylor
Long v. Long: Law Court Ruling Changes the Disposition of Joint Real Property on Divorce
Marc J. Veilleux

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