Maine Law Review: Volume 57, No. 2 (2005)

Symposium: Reflections from the Bench


Dedication to Dean Edward Settle Godfrey, III
Christine I. Hepler
Some Reflections on Dissenting
Honorable Kermit V. Lipez
Court-Connected Alternative Dispute Resolution in Maine
Honorable Howard H. Dana, Jr.
When the Court Speaks: Effective Communication as a Part of Judging
Honorable Daniel E. Wathen
Witness for the Client: A Judge's Role in Increasing Awareness in the Defendant
Honorable Joyce Wheeler
Judges, Racism, and the Problem of Actual Innocence
Honorable Stephen J. Fortunato, Jr.
Abuse of Discretion: Maine's Application of a Malleable Appellate Standard
Honorable Andrew M. Mead
Reflections on the Challenging Proliferation of Mental Health Issues in the Dirstrict Court and the Need for Justicial Education
Honorable Jessie B. Gunther
Frank M. Coffin Lecture on Law and Public Service: The Future of International Criminal Justice
Honorable Richard J. Goldstone
Distinguished Jurist-in-Residence Lecture: Sentencing Reform: When Everyone Behaves Badly
Honorable Nancy Gertner
Property Tax: A Primer and a Modest Proposal for Maine
Clifford H. Goodall and Seth A. Goodall
Case Note
Smith v. Town of Pittston: Municipal Home Rule's Narrow Escape form teh Morass of Implicit Preemption
Contemplating the Use of Classified or state Secret Information Obtained ex parte on the Merits in Civil Litigation: Bl(A)ck Tea Society v. City of Boston
Book Review
Maine Corporation Law & Practice, 2nd Edition
George F. Eaton, II and Kristy M. Smith

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