Maine Law Review: Volume 62, No. 2 (2010)


Symposium— Accessing Justice in Hard Times: Lessons from the Field, Looking to the Future

Foreword & Dedication
Tina Heather Nadeau
Introduction: Accessing Justice—Its Past, Present, and Future
The Honorable Frank M. Coffin
Articles and Essays
Exploitation and Abuse of the Elderly During the Great Recession: A Maine Practitioner’s Perspective
Denis Culley & Hannah Sanders
Funding the Judicial Department at a Level the Supreme Judicial Court Deems “Essential to Its Existence and Functioning as a Court” Is Required by Doctrines of Comity and Duties Impose
Orlando E. Delogu
Access to Justice Starts in the Library: The Importance of Competent Research Skills and Free/Low-Cost Research Resources
Deborah K. Hackerson
Too Low a Price: Waiver and the Right to Counsel
Zachary L. Heiden
A Foundation Upon Which Justice Is Built: The Chicago Bar Foundation’s Innovations to Improve Access to Justice During Tough Economic Times
Danielle Elyce Hirsch
Often Wrong, Never in Doubt: How Anti-Arbitration Expectancy Bias May Limit Access to Justice
Becky L. Jacobs
The World Is Round: Why We Must Assure Equal Access to Civil Justice
The Honorable Jon Levy
Reflections of an Access to Justice Chair
The Honorable Kermit V. Lipez
Creating Access to Tax Benefdtits: How Pro Bono Tax Professionals Can Help Low-Income Taxpayers Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit
Kate Leifeld
The Impact of the Current Economy on Access to Justice
Kathleen McKee
Maine’s Overdue Judicial Reforms
Peter L. Murray

An Exposition of the Effectiveness of and the Challenges Plaguing Maine’s Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Program
Jason E. Rayne
Funding Justice: The Budget of the Maine Judicial Branch—We Did Get There from Here
The Honorable Leigh I. Saufley
Case Notes
Findings of Fact vs. Conclusions of Law: How the Law Court Complicated the Case of State v. Connor
Christopher S. Boulos
A Strange Distinction: Charitable Immunity and Clergy Sexual Abuse in Picher v. Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland
Matthew Cobb
State v. Thurston: An Examination of Assault, Self-Defense, and Trespass in Relation to Domestic Violence
Megan E. Magoon

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