Ocean and Coastal Law Journal: Volume 7, No. 1 (2001)

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Symposium: You Win Some, You Lose Some: The Costs and Benefits of Litigation in Fishery Management
Editor's Foreword
Kevin M. Fitzgerald
He Said, She Said: The Effects of Litigation on Stakeholders
Dr. Bonnie McCay
More than Meets the Eye: The Transaction Costs of Litigation
Dr. Susan Hanna
The Years 'After the Fall': Litigation and Groundfish Recovery in New England
Peter Shelley
Carrots and Sticks: How Litigation Can Promote Negotiation and Other Settlement Solutions
Thane Tienson
The View from Ground Zero: Government as Defendant, Courts as Fishery Managers
Mariam McCall
Thirty Years Before the Mast: Watching the Evolution of Environmental Advocacy in Fishery Management
Brad Warren
Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Stakeholders and the Take Reduction Teams of the Marine Mammal Protection Act
Suzanne Iudicello
Panel Discussion
The Protection of Sunken Warships as Gravesites at Sea
Jason R. Harris
A Whale's Tale: Efforts to Save the Cook Inlet, Alaska Beluga Whale
Sara Edmonds
Case Notes
United States v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD.: Use of Federal "False Statements Act" to Extend Jurisdiction over Polluting Incidents into Territorial Seas of Foreign States
Shaun Gehan
Bower v. Evans: The Court's Efforts to Protect Dolphins in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Sarah H. McCready
Recent Developments in Ocean and Coastal Law 2001

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