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Maine, known for its spectacular scenery, abundant natural resources, and rocky coast line, is home to friendly, straightforward citizens and a working democracy exemplified by the New England Town Meeting. Maine people have a passion for the environment and a desire to protect Maine's significant forest land, rivers, lakes, wildlife, and marine resources.

Because Maine is a lightly populated state, it offers a comfortable sense of community. Maine's legal, governmental, and business community is similarly small. During your time in Law School, you will likely have an opportunity to meet the Chief Justice, the Governor, and members of the Congressional delegation, along with leaders of the bar and various civic and business organizations. Each year, the finalists in our School's Moot Court competition argue their cases before all of the justices of the State's highest court. This is just one example of the special benefits you will garner from studying law in Maine.

Portland, Maine's premier city, retains the feel of a small town while offering the cultural amenities of a much larger metropolitan area. Portland's "Old Port" section, home to a wide variety of boutiques and businesses, abuts the city's working waterfront, which is filled with ferries, commercial fishing boats, seafood restaurants, and Portland's fish exchange. Find out more about the many services that make Portland a vibrant and eclectic place to live and study — including dining, entertainment, shopping, art galleries and exhibits, cultural exchange programs, outdoor recreation, musical events and more — in our Exploring Portland section below.

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