Previous Applicants

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All applications and supporting materials are retained by the Law School for three years, and are reviewed upon re-application. If an applicant re-applies during the three-year time frame, it is not necessary to resubmit an CAS Report, unless the LSAT has been retaken or additional course work has been undertaken. The applicant should, however, submit:

  1. Application. The application must be completed and signed. Applications are available for download from the Law School Admission Council's website*. Upon completion, follow the instructions carefully for the submission of the application and fee.

    *If you have a problem linking with the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) and filling out your application, please contact the Admissions Office (207) 780-4341 and we will assist you with the submission of your application to the University of Maine School of Law.

    Important note: the application form currently in use includes mention of an older policy regarding the Admissions Committee's consideration of Early Action applicants. Please note that applicants denied admission in the Early Action process will no longer be re-considered in the regular admission process.
  2. Updated Personal Statement
  3. Letter(s) of Recommendation
  4. Application Fee of $50 (check or money order)

If you have a question about filling out the application, please contact the Admissions Office (207) 780-4341.  If you are having technical problems with the application on the LSAC website, please contact Candidate Services at (215) 968-1001.