Maine Law Student Jonathan Liberman, as Student Intern at Cumberland County District Attorney’s, Wins Case Before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court

Jonathan Liberman, University of Maine School of Law class of 2010, has argued and won a case before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, while serving as a student intern Assistant District Attorney with the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office. Under the supervision of Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson and Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Norbert, Mr. Liberman both drafted the appellate brief and argued the case before the Law Court.

At issue in the case, State v. Murphy, 2010 ME 28, __A.2d__ , was whether the Maine District Court had violated the defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses against him by admitting in evidence a written certificate of mailing from the Secretary of State as prima facie proof that a notice of the suspension of his driver’s license had been sent to him. Mr. Liberman argued for the State and the Law Court held that the defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights were not violated. The Law Court ruled that the public records at issue in the case were non-testimonial, and therefore the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, 129 S. Ct. 2527 (2009) did not apply.

Mr. Liberman was one of seven members of the class of 2010 to serve as a student intern Assistant District Attorney. The other students include Michael Anderson, Jeffrey Baroody, Alisa Christopher, Ariel Gamble, Tina Nadeau, and Kathryn Shorr. The Murphy case was first taken to trial by student intern Assistant District Attorney, Kristine Fucillo ‘09, before Mr. Liberman argued the case before the Law Court.