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Governance & Ethics Symposium Series




The annual Governance & Ethics Symposium series was established in 2009 by the University of Maine School of Law to examine cutting edge issues of governance, ethics, accountability and social responsibility. Co-chairs are Dean Peter Pitegoff of the Law School; Dan Boxer, adjunct professor of Governance & Business Ethics and former Chief Administrative Officer of Fairchild Semiconductor; and Tom Dunne, retired partner with Accenture.

  • 2009 – Two Part Series
    • Current Issues in Governance & Ethics for the Nonprofit Sector
    • Current Issues in Governance & Ethics for Public & Private Businesses

  • 2010 The “New Normal,” Turbulent Times and the Fallout of the Financial Crisis: Short and Long Term Implications for Boards and Senior Management of Maine Organizations and Stakeholders

  • 2011 Doing Well by Doing Good -- The "Mega-Trend" of Organizational Sustainability and Social Responsibility

  • 2012 The Crisis of Trust in Public and Private Sector Institutions 2013 Governance, Ethics and Accountability in the Public and Private Sectors: Lessons Learned, Not Learned and Still to be Learned


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