Disability Services

Maine Law works with the larger University's Office of Support for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) to provide accommodations for students with disabilities. Students with sensory, physical, psychological, learning, and attention disabilities must contact the OSSD, which coordinates services for students with disabilities. Located in Room 242 of Luther Bonney Hall on the Portland Campus, OSSD provides a variety of student support services for qualified individuals, such as: note-takers, texts in alternative formats, test proctoring, physical accommodations, interpreters, and extended time on exams, and assistive technology.  In addition, OSSD makes referrals to educational evaluators for formal assessment of learning disabilities.

Students are advised to request services early in the semester to ensure the timely implementation of accommodations. Moreover, students are encouraged to notify the Associate Dean for Student Services about their disabilities.  The Office of Student Affairs serves as the liaison to the OSSD and works with the OSSD to provide necessary services and accommodations. 

It is the responsibility of the student to seek assistance and to make his or her needs knows. Please note that services are provided at no additional cost to any currently enrolled, qualified student. To obtain accommodations, students are required to provide formal documentation of a disabling condition and resulting functional limitations impacting academic performance. The OSSD must be contacted each semester by any student desiring such services in order to identify appropriate accommodations. For more information about support for students with disabilities, visit the OASSD web site.